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About Us

Hear our journey from the beginning...

Our Story


It all began in 1997

when a group of University of Michigan Arts Chorale members gathered to sing a cappella music.

Inspired by the poet Lewis Caroll's Jabberwocky, the group adopted the name "Gimble in the Wabe" which has since been refined to Gimble A Cappella.

With their first performance in April of 1998, the founding members started a legacy that would be passed down for generations.

Throwing it back to 2002

with Gimble members in the studio recording professional mixes of Gimble arrangements.

You can find our recordings and video performances on our Music page. We want to thank our partner, Liquid 5th Productions, for making our recording dreams possible!


Sending off seniors with

the Songs of Our Lives concert, Gimble continues the tradition by celebrating the graduating seniors with a bi-annual performance.

Join us at the end of every semester to watch us perform a new setlist that feature Gimble soloists!

Home is where

Gimble is. Aptly named for both the house they shared and the unmistakable familial feel of the group, Gimble released their second 5-song EP called "home".

Shortly thereafter, Gimble returned with powerhouse covers of Brandi Carlile's "The Joke" and Hozier's "Movement".


In celebration of 25 years

Gimble hosted a 25th Anniversary Concert with friends, family and alumni attending from all around the world!

Gimble members, past and present, gathered the following day for a Gimble Reunion Brunch to look back at fond memories and commemorate Gimble A Cappella's growth.

We are proud

to be entering our 26th year and continuing to build upon the foundation of Gimble's legacy.

With members hailing from across the country, Gimble represents a diverse family of musical talents and personalities.

Want to join the Gimble family? Check out our Auditions page for more details!


Our Favorite Moments

Our Partners

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