Events & News

(g) says goodbye, for now, to two dear (g)imblers: Danny Hurvitz and Simone Gonzalez-Nagy! May your semester away from (g) be a productive and healthy! Make sure to keep up on your acabopping status quo!

Thanks to everyone who came out to support us at our Fall semester concert: Despicable (g) Operation Parentheses! Special thanks to Tom Halpin and Dan Henig!
You can check out all of our concert videos, including the most recent videos from our concert here

We are also gearing up for (g)imble tour 2014 this upcoming May! Last year our tour to New York and Boston was such a success! We will be annoucing our tour schedule soon!

We are back in the studio again! This time, Erica Searcy will be busting out a track for Adele's "I'll Be Waiting" to be featured on our next CD.