What is Gimble?


It all began in early 1997 in the midst of musical madness created by Jewel, Hanson, the Spice Girls, and the many other great musicians of '97. Undoubtedly inspired by these prodigies, a group of UM Arts Chorale members got together to have some a cappella fun. After much debate and many poetry recitations, the group adopted the name, "Gimble in the Wabe" from Lewis Carroll's widely known poem, Jabberwocky.

Gimble in the Wabe created a set of 14 songs, performing first at the U Club in April, 1998. Since then, Gimble has evolved into the (sexiest) a cappella group on campus! Combining each member's distinct musical taste and personality, Gimble blends various genres and styles of music together in order to create a truly unique and diverse repertoire.

Each year, Gimblers unite to choose and arrange all of our own a cappella arrangements. In addition to hosting three concerts a year, Gimble can be seen frequently performing at various events around campus as well as around the country on our year annual tour. Just after graduation, we travel the country seeing sights, workshopping with schools, singing in public places, and meeting many other a cappella groups from universities across the country.

As each of our group members hail from all over the country, we combine interests, musicality, culture, and personality, as well as our shared zeal for singing. Gimble boasts the diversity of its members involving different studies, cultures, and musical backgrounds. Most importantly, we pride ourselves in having fun while committing to our musical goals and existing as a family.

Going strong in it's 16th year, Gimble A Cappella continues the tradition with a few fresh faces and a continued zest for a cappella music. Except we're no longer called Gimble in the Wabe; it's just Gimble now.